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  • Jade Roller

    SAY GOODBYE TO WRINKLES, TOXINS, AND SAGGY SKIN - The cooling Jade Roller has two smooth sides, one of which has the perfect size to reach special areas like your eyes and nose. The healing therapy Jade Roller will de-puff your skin and under-eye area, and it will increase your collagen production, so that your wrinkles and fine lines will become less visible. Both tools are used to increase blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage, and increase the effectiveness of serum uptake. ✓THE POWER OF THE GUA SHA STONE - Aside from lifting and benefiting your skin, the Gua Sha scraping tool will also increase your blood circulation and remove the toxins, so that your aching muscles can relax and heal faster. This means that you can use the Gua Sha stone on both your face and your entire body and enjoy a spa-quality massage! The package includes instructions, so that you can get the most out of your Jade Roller and Gua Sha scraper.

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