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This exclusive collection of Boscia bestsellers offers a daily ritual to cleanse, mask, and moisturize the skin to a deliver healthy, radiant complexion featuring our iconic MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil, Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask, and Cactus Water Moisturizer. Flaunt glowing skin all season long with this natural holiday kit from boscia. Good Clean Fun – Powered by Plants Skin Kit is an exclusive collection of their best-selling formulas, which includes a cleansing oil, face mask and a lightweight moisturizer.

This set contains:

  • MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil (150 ml): a cleansing oil that removes makeup and impurities without leaving behind an oily residue.
  • Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask (24.5 ml): a de-congesting facial mask enriched with antioxidants for calmer, less irritated skin.
  • Cactus Water Moisturizer (15 ml.): an ultra-lightweight moisturizer that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and suppler.


  • Jojoba Leaf: a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage caused by pollution, UV rays and other environmental irritants.
  • Willowherb: a natural skin-calming botanical that helps to alleviate inflammation and redness.
  • Matcha Green Tea Extract: helps to reduce oil, fights free radical damage, brightens and rejuvenates skin.
  • Willowbark Extract: a natural salicylic acid that combats acne and reduces redness.
  • “Queen of the Night” Cactus Succulent: a succulent plant found in Mexico that adapts to drastic climate conditions and rebounds from dramatic dehydration. Known to rejuvenate skin, nourish and rebound dry skin, and impart intense moisturizing and conditioning.
  • Good for: Hydrating, Purifying, Brightening

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Cleanse, mask, and moisturize the skin for a healthy skin. Flaunt glowing skin all season long with this natural holiday kit from Boscia


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